8 things you didn’t know about Exeter

Town plans for Isca, now Exeter

We all know Exeter is a wonderful place, brimming with local arts, historic buildings and a real sense of Devonshire pride, however, here we have 8 things you probably didn’t know about Exeter!

  1. The oldest civic building in Britain is Exeter Guildhall, with some parts dating as far back as 1160!
  1. Many famous people have come from humble beginnings in Exeter; these include singer, songwriter and actress Joss Stone, the creator of Harry Potter JK Rowling and Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin.
  1. Underneath Exeter’s high street, there is a complex trail of underground passages that were once used to create a completely unique water system, allowing clean water to be filtered through from the natural springs outside of the city. These date as far back as the 14th century.
  1. Exeter Cathedral, otherwise known as The Cathedral of St Peter, dates back to around 1050, with most parts being re-built in 1258 in the decorative gothic style we know today.
  1. Founded by the Romans, Exeter was once called Isca, serving as the tribal capitoal to the Dumnonirums (the British tribe that once inhabited Devon and Cornwall).
  1. The estimated population of Exeter is around 144,328, and has the second highest population in Devon.
  1. The first stages of the RAMM Museum being built began in 1813, however the building work wasn’t started until 1865 before being completed 3 years later.
  1. There are around 7 other places also in the world called Exeter, including towns in Canada, Illinois and Pennsylvania!

These are just a few interesting facts about this wonderful city, there is plenty more for you to uncover whilst finding things to see and do in Exeter!


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