Applications welcomed for Community Sparks fund.

Your ideas. Your projects. Your Exeter.

The Community Sparks Fund will award small grants to support your ideas on how to prevent crime and make our community safer.

All that’s required is that your project has a positive impact on the local Exeter community in ways which help people feel safe and feel a greater sense of belonging and involvement in their neighbourhood.

The fund will provide grants to residents, community groups, organisations, businesses, and their teams, to help prevent ‘acquisitive crime’. This means your project will help improve the area or make crimes such as theft, damage to vehicles and burgulary much harder to commit. By organising activities and projects the aim is to prevent crime and enhance community life in central Exeter. The fund will support initiatives and ideas to enhance the local area which will deter anti-social behavior and make the city centre safe for all users.

The key areas of focus for Safer Central Exeter are Exeter High Street, Fore Street, Little Castle Street, South Street, Mary Arches Street, although areas near to these streets will be considered.

The fund will be administered by Safer Central Exeter with a simple process of applying to make it easy and accessible for everyone in the community to be able to take part.

Simply apply by either

  • Filling in the application form
  • Writing a summary (around 250 words)
  • Filming a short video on your phone or device

Remember to include details of the project, who will manage it, where it will be delivered, the funding requested and how it helps create a safer Exeter. Email your application to: The deadline is 5pm on 31 January 2022.

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