Amanda Marsden Lifestyle

AVEDA Lifestyle Salon, 75 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RX
01392 343102
Our aim at the salon is for each of our guests to feel totally transformed in a special environment. Our chosen team of therapists and stylists work to an exceptionally high standard, each one possessing individual creativity and flair with the mission to make you look amazing – and feel amazing too.
Amanda founded the business in 1995 in Totnes, Devon and from those historic foundations, cultivated a pride for passion, service and education. Because she knows it’s such a privilege to be a professional in an industry that allows you to really make a difference in someone’s day, Amanda has a passion for developing the people who work in her business. By nurturing career paths and instilling life-long learning in a sustainable way, she endeavors to create an ongoing philosophy of positive action and well-being.
Now partnered with Hayley Williams, the teams in both Totnes and Exeter will continue to deliver a level of enlightened hospitality, service and care that exceeds expectations.
Together, we look forward to welcoming you to our new salon for a truly personal and memorable experience.