Barefoot Physio

15 Bartholomew St E
0333 577 9192

Barefoot Physio is a physiotherapy clinic focused on excellence – both in the way they treat you and the results they achieve. With clinics in both Exeter and South Devon, they can help get you back on track after your injury or onset of pain.

Barefoot’s philosophy aims at quality of treatment over quantity of patients. They believe in giving you the time and individual attention you deserve.

• Assessments are typically a full hour
• Treatment sessions are 45+ minutes
• Treatment is tailored to the individual
• They are dedicated to proven scientific methods
• They believe that the hands of good therapists are our greatest
assets; they are the instruments they use to assess,
diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal conditions
• A reputation built by word of mouth not reliant on large volume of patients
• No pseudo-science, no treatment vouchers, no excessive visits,
just the most effective treatment possible