57 High Street Exeter
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Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea. It started in 2003 in a flat above a surf shop with an innovative fleece that was designed to keep out chilly winds and warm up cold bodies. Since these early days, driven by those who have jumped on board, supported by our customers and suppliers, the brand and product has widened beyond these original beginnings. Yet from our cliff top workshop in St. Agnes, we stay true to our original design ethos of functionality and sustainability bought to life in an understated style and identity, always remaining committed to product, environment, people.

The name of one of the most rugged headlands that bravely bears the full brunt of the North Atlantic gales, and a former shipping forecast area, Finisterre literally means end of the earth or Land’s End. The place where lands ends has intrigued man for centuries, fostering both a real and a romantic relationship with the sea, a relationship that runs deep in our narrative.


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