Grow Marketing UK

Grow HQ Concord House 70 South Street Exeter
01392 793056

Launched in mid-2017, Grow is a positive media movement, centred around a strong vision and set of values.

Our vision is to see the UK’s business community (and the UK as a whole) flourish. Starting with the incredible and unique city of Exeter, we want to serve the business community by telling the stories of the people within it; drawing people closer together into collaborative and mutually beneficial working relationships. We want to champion and celebrate everything that Exeter’s economy has to offer – from the vibrant independent business scene to the large multi-national companies.

We also want to shine a spotlight on those who are trying to find solutions to some of the challenges that the city is facing. From infrastructure and environmental issues to culture, gender equality and engaging young people in business. We have many organisations and government bodies in our city that work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for local residents. It is often a very difficult task and we want to do our part in highlighting the right conversations and launching meaningful initiatives such as the ‘100 Most Influential Women 2018’ and ‘Grow Green’.

Our vision is simply to be ‘good news’ and this vision is distilled into our value system as an organisation, which neatly fits into the acronym GIVER. As a company, we want to always focus on Growth, Integrity, Value, Efficiency and Relationship. These are the things that we value and that we want to bring to the table in the locations that we operate.

If we already know each other, I hope you have picked up on some of these values in our dealings. If we haven’t met yet, then why not get in touch and find out for yourself what working with a relentlessly positive and collaborative media company is like.