Mortimers Jewellers

87 Queen Street, Exeter,
01392 279994

Visit our shop in the heart of Exeter and enter a small, exquisite world of breath taking beauty – a reflection of history’s finest legacies. Step in and enjoy a collection of eye catching pieces characterised by irreplaceable and remarkable craftsmanship.

As a family run business, Mortimers Jewellers takes great pride in ensuring customers, who visit from all over the world, enjoy a traditional and memorable shopping experience, draw upon the expertise of staff, revel in exemplary personal service and leave with a piece of history to cherish. Exhilarating and only lacking in one respect – the mark ups that typify high street retailers.

Whether you’re looking for a personal commission designed to touch the heart, an antique investment or just want to treat yourself to a timeless piece of history that deserves to be worn and loved, visit Mortimers Jewellers.