18 Higher Market Guildhall Queen Street Exeter
01392 706778

Pho, the Vietnamese street food restaurant, is located in the Guildhall in the heart of town and opened in summer 2018.

Since then, Pho has become an everyday part of Exeter life. Their diverse menu, where diners can choose from pho noodles soups, curries, salads, rice bowls, and much more– has proven a big hit with Devon foodies.

Taking their recipes from the streets of Saigon and Hanoi and dropping them into the British high street has been a big hit all over the country. This is not only down to the amazing flavours that are used so widely in Vietnamese cooking, but also due to how healthy it is. A typical pho broth is cooked for 12 hours, allowing it time to build its flavour, soak up endless different tastes and absorb nutrients from its various components. By the time it’s served to you at your table, it’s a piping hot, nourishing bowl of goodness, perfect to revive you on a wintery day.

Aside from their pho noodle soups, Pho’s menu is full of amazing starters that are perfect for sharing, low-calorie salads, fragrant, indulgent curries, and beautifully light rice bowls.

Their menu is over a quarter vegan, and nearly entirely gluten-free (they are accredited by Coeliac UK), so it’s perfect for people with dietary requirements. They also have an amazing kids’ menu, where you can buy a meal and a drink for £5.50. So, as they say, they’ve really got something Pho everyone!


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