Roly's Fudge Pantry Exeter

85 Queen Street Exeter

Roly’s Fudge makes the very best of traditional, crumbly fudge. Every day, we cook our signature fudge in full view of our customers, using milk and sugar with lashings of Devon butter.

Made in our signature copper pans using a traditional recipe, the mixture is poured out onto a large marble table. After stirring with a paddle, helping it to cool quickly, the fudge is carefully formed into a baguette shape. As it begins to set, it is sliced into large slabs and then into handmade chunks, ready to eat.

Roly’s Fudge bears no resemblance to factory produced fudge; it has a texture which is often surprising to customers at first who are used to sticky machine made toffee and fudge. “It’s crumbly!”, were the words exclaimed by many customers who tried it for the first time. This saw the birth of this slogan for the company and which is still uttered across the country every day. It melts in your mouth!