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Our clients tell us that they enjoy working with us. Why? Because we act as their legal partner, not just another service provider. Having left behind many of the old-fashioned ways of working that we consider no longer relevant to a modern 21st Century law firm, we bring a fresh approach to your legal needs. Whether you’re starting out in business or expanding internationally, our commercial experience can support you; or perhaps you’re looking to buy your first home or need to make a will – we offer a full range of services tailored to your needs. We also have a real depth of expertise in a number of specialist areas; these include franchising, noise nuisance and motorsport.


We are possibly the only firm in the UK that employs real-time charging. For much of our work we’re able to agree a fixed fee with you, but where this is not possible, our charges are calculated in real-time. If we can help with any legal issue, all initial consultations are entirely free, so contact us today.