Christmas Spirit in Exeter

The city will be alive with festive entertainers taking to the streets to entertain shoppers every Thursday evening and Sunday from 23November until 21 December

Performers include a beautiful juggling Winter Fair, Stilt walking Bouncing Elves, Giant Snowmen who light up every space with their cool glow, A Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy and a 2-metre tall talking Sparky a dancing Robot.

The Flying Carpets

Ruby Murray and Alfonso Mango are legendary storytellers and men of mystery who have come from across the desert sands to charm the locals.

An exotic, magically mysterious and outrageously funny walkabout.

The Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy

Miranda has rebelled against the usual fate of the Christmas Tree Fairy (being put in a box in the loft for 50 weeks of the year).  She has hijacked a walking tree called Douglas Fir and gone forth to tell the world about the Campaign for Christmas Twice a Year, the need for stout, warm underwear and the reasons why it is so difficult to get fairy shoes nowadays.

Winter Fairy

This beautiful Winter Fairy and her crystals bring a touch of ethereal magic anywhere they go. Her stunning costume literally lights up the dark winter evenings as she thrills the audience with her skilful contact juggling.

Holding audiences spellbound, The Winter Fairy is a gorgeous winter walkabout.

Christmas Nutkins

Mr and Mrs Nutkin love everything about Christmas and are eager to forage for the right present for everyone. Their excitement is catching and their festive, fluffy, cosy squirrel charm is irresistible. The perfect guests for a jolly Christmas gathering.

Festive Foxley

Festive Foxley can surprise anyone with his incredible illusions, and is a perfect act to make a Christmas event that little bit more magical.

His glorious penny farthing is adorned with amazing lights that shine in every colour, and even plays music of any style. And if that’s not enough, then peep in to his basket and find a Christmas present or two!

Bouncing Elves

Sizing up a Christmas crowd is a big job, so Santa has sent out his biggest helpers Horace and Boris to take notes. How do you measure up – Naughty or Nice? They’ll be bouncing around deciding who deserves a visit from the boss man.

Sparky the Sparkling Robot

A genuine robot with no human parts and tons of personality. At two metres tall, he talks, dances, plays music, squirts water and causes a sensation wherever he goes. Sparky is fully illuminated at night and is made from a fascinating array of recycled materials.

Magical and astonishing visual interaction, this mobile installation engages all children and presents a puzzle for adults. Why? Who? And how does he work?

The Bouncing Snowmen

They’re bouncing in the air! After a long year migrating around the world as various water particles, these giant snowmen are very excited to be back for Christmas.

At 8ft tall on bouncy stilts, larger than life, and full of Christmas cheer, they’re physical, fun and always out for an adventure or a nice cold hug.

They light up any event with their cool glow, or can shine with a range of colour options and show off their aurora borealis disco dancing.

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