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BID Board

Area 1 – Bampfylde Lane, Cheeke Street, Paris Street & Sidwell Street


Area 2 – Bampfylde Street, Bedford Street, Catherine Street, Dix’s Field, Eastgate, Martin’s Lane, Princesshay, Roman Walk & Upper High Street East


I am committed to the long term success of Exeter City Centre as a location of business. I have 25 years of retail and commercial management experience. During my time in the city I have developed excellent working relationships with the City and Devon County Councils and other key stake holders in the city. I am willing and able to work as part of a team. As a BID Board Member I would be well able to represent the views of my area. I know the levy payers well , and the expectations they have of the BID which they will fund. I am prepared to devote the time required to be an effective Board member.I have extensive experience of recruiting and managing teams, which was valuable in recruiting the BID CEO and setting and monitoring the performance targets by which they and the BID will be judged.

Area 3 – Bailey Street, Castle Street, High Street North/ West, Little Castle Street, Musgrave Row, Northernhay Place & Roman Gate


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Area 4 – Cathedral Close, Cathedral Green, Cathedral Yard, Deanery Place, Gater Lane, Lower High Street East & Palace Gate


As a member of the legal sector I am hoping to bring a new dimension to this already thriving board.Living and working within the city centre I am passionate about the growth of Exeter and delighted to be part of something so instrumental in helping the business district flourish.I am thrilled to be representing such a focal part of the city centre and hope that it can be a source of real inspiration to myself and the rest of the board as we come up with a wealth of new ideas and plans to benefit each and every part of the city centre

Area 5 – Guildhall Shopping & Dining Centre, Lower High Street West, Paul Street & Waterbeer Street


I am a highly motivated retail manager with over two decades of experience. I have supported, and championed the BID campaign from the launch. I am already contributing where possible to the success of the Guildhall shopping centre. I see their success as a major part of my success. I have experienced the majority of the large towns and cities in the South West and across the country and have first-hand experience of what works. I am committed to the long term success of Exeter and the BID and hope to be able to steer the city forward.

Area 6 – Coombe Street, George Street, Guinea Street, Mary Arches Street, Mitre Lane, North Street & South Street


I am delighted to have been able to return to Exeter to bring up my young family in the city that I was born and raised and as such I am passionate about the future of this beautiful City. I have over 10 years’ experience of running businesses in Exeter and the challenges faced by independent business owners, my strengths include resolving problems and concerns to the benefit of all parties.My goal is to ensure all businesses in my area feel supported and that they are able to approach me with any issues or ideas they may have.My belief is that the Exeter Bid as a collective can achieve so much more, ensuring that this City’s businesses are not only successful but feel that they would have an opportunity to have a voice as to the future of Exeter.

Area 7 – Fore Street, John Street, Market Street & New Bridge Street


I have been running an independent business in Exeter for almost 13 years as well as having a young family in the city. During that time I have experienced first-hand the slowing of the investment and vision in Exeter City Centre that has hindered its regeneration as a vibrant place to shop, eat and play.I want to change that, with independent business as Fore Street as the real point of difference in Exeter City Centre.I have worked towards this aim in every way I can, as the Chair of Fore Street Collective, as part of the Exeter Trails team by being on the City Dressing team for the Rugby World Cup and by being on the BID Steering Group.I hope to continue this commitment to Exeter City Centre by being on the BID board.

Area 8 – Gandy Street, Upper Paul Street, Queen Street, Little Queen Street and Harlequin’s Shopping Centre


I have owned a business in Gandy Street since 2000. I am passionate about ensuring the wonderful people and businesses in and around the Gandy Street area continue to thrive and add their unique character to Exeter. I organised the Christmas shopping promotional evening, “Gandy Street’s Countdown to Christmas” in November 2015, which was a great success.I want to put this part of the City Centre on the map and I believe the Exeter BID provides a great opportunity for us to promote and improve the City Centre.

Devon County Council


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Exeter Chamber of Commerce


I have over 15 years of retail experience gained at various management levels, across a broad range of retail environments, frequently in a number of flagship stores. Following on from that I now have over 20 years of experience in Property Management; currently managing Guildhall Shopping & Dining and the new destination dining offer in the City, Queen St. Dining and a number of other properties, on behalf of Aviva. Within Cushman and Wakefield LLP I have a reputation as a role model and ambassador for CSR initiatives and the Leadership and Management of teams, producing a number of sustainability case studies relating to the operation of large, public space, multi occupied properties and currently holding Gold Status in Investors in People and World-host Business accreditation for Guildhall Shopping & Dining. I am as passionate about Exeter as a city, as I am about my business, and take a very pro-active role in promoting both within the city and promoting the city within the region, fully utilising my board and chairing roles within Exeter Chamber, Exeter Business Against Crime (EBAC) Partnership, Exeter BID and Revo (the recently re-branded BCSC -British Council of Shopping Centres) amongst others.

I am a firm believer in BID’s as vehicles for delivering projects that support towns and cities, acting as a voice for business and generally taking a lead on local partnership working; even more important now at a time when discretionary spend of local authorities is being squeezed to non-existence. I believe that In-Exeter is driven by committed and passionate individuals that can and do make a difference, and that difference, and the benefits to each and every levy payer, will become greater year on year as the organisation matures.

Exeter City Council


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I have worked as a licensee in the city centre for 25 years, founding and running the Cavern, which provides a platform for touring brands from around the world. I have also worked with organisations such as RAMM, ECC ( I helped design and structure Animated Exeter), Exeter Arts Council and Spacex, I have recently completed a Masters at the University of Exeter and have been accepted onto a PhD programme there.I think I have a board understanding of what the private independent and public sectors in Exeter need.



I represent culture and the night-time economy. I have a deep knowledge of the City Centre and also live in it.I want to see a really vibrant, attractive city centre. Increasingly city centres are becoming more important for their non-retail offer and Exeter’s is no exception.We have an opportunity to make Exeter City Centre a real beacon for the South West.



Having started my career as a management trainee on Stagecoach’s graduate management programme, holding various roles throughout the UK, I am responsible for the operations of one of the country’s largest bus depot, based right here in Exeter. Boasting a team of over 430 staff and a fleet of around 160 vehicles, we enable almost 300,000 passenger journeys to be made every week.

Public transport plays a key role in the success of any city centre. Our services deliver connectivity proving good value links to education, employment, health and leisure facilities and contributing significantly to the local economy. It also plays a vital role in tackling congestion and improving air quality.

With approximately one third of City centre spend being made by bus passengers, I am especially proud to be a part of the team at InExeter which sets out to ensure that this City remains, and continues to be, one of the most successful and vibrant cities in the country.

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