Enjoy the rain InExeter

With everything from an award-winning museum, a fantastic library for all ages, underground passages and an incredible selection of eateries and shops, the city has something for everyone.


With the rain showering down , it can sometimes be a disappointment not to be able to enjoy an autumnal day but with so much do see and do in Exeter away from the rain, perhaps wetter days will be more welcome?


If it’s something for all ages, look no further than Exeter’s famed Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM). Since re-opening its doors in 2011 after being refurbished, the museum has celebrated its 150th year and for 2019 will be focusing on the theme of migration, with an exhibition entitled ‘Birds without borders’. Birds without borders explores the incredible feats of migration some birds achieve to survive and breed. The RAMM also plays host to childrens activities such as the ‘Creation station’, a fun, hands-on art and crafts class for children aged 15 months to 5 years to enjoy.


Wanting to take another step back in time, Exeter Underground passages, situated on Paris Street is one of Exeter’s gems. The passages were designed to bring clean drinking water from natural springs outside of Exeter, through lead pipes into the heart of the city. Repairs were sometimes needed and to avoid disruption the passages were vaulted so that these could be done easily. It is down some of these vaulted passageways that visitors are guided.


Exeter is full of historical landmarks and it’s biggest by far is the Cathedral. Completed around 1400, Exeter Cathedral boasts beautiful gothic architecture and is surrounded by boutique shops and eateries, the perfect place to visit and take shelter from the rain.


For those wanting time to sit back and relax with a good book, enjoy a nursery rhyme with their little one or simply catch up with a friend over coffee, why not head to Exeter Library?

With a variety of events for all audiences, FabLab maker space and free public computers and WiFi, it’s no wonder that Exeter Library is such a hub within the city.


With a vast amount of shops and restaurants in Exeter, after taking a trip back in time, why not rest and enjoy some of the city’s best tastes. From local, independent eateries such as South Street Standard, The Plant Café, The Glorious Art House Café and Hidden Treasure Tea Rooms to household names like Pho, Byron Burger, Giraffe and Comptoir Libanais visitors and residents alike will be return to try something new not before long.

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