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Thursday, 5 July 2018
19:00 | Exeter Barnfield Theatre
Exeter Barnfield Theatre

Forget Assassins Creed, the real history and legends of the Knights Templar is equally exciting, with many unsolved mysteries to this day. Historically a monastic order of crusading knights in the middle ages, the Knights Templar began from humble origins, but soon became a powerful, international organisation, answerable only to the Pope, and institutionally extremely wealthy. As the medieval crusades failed, so did the Templars, and in 1307, among accusations of heresy, and treason, the senior members of the Order were arrested. Legend tells that their wealth, seen by eyewitnesses only months before, had vanished. With the accusations of heresy upheld, the Order was disbanded, and the last Grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, burned at the stake in 1314. Legends remain. What became of the Templars treasure? Were they really heretics or victims of a political trap? Legends tell of them protecting various secrets, including those that could destroy the church – some of those legends relate to the Holy Grail; the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, or lost gospels, or even that Jesus had descendants.

Based tightly on the history, and some of the theories, the film follows Hughes and Angelo, formally of Jacques de Molays inner council, as they go on the run to the Bristol preceptory, then to Templecombe in Somerset and finally to Trebeigh in Cornwall . Linking these three historical Templar holdings and the mysteries such as the Templecombe Head into the tale, the final secret is revealed.