Art Exhibition and Sensory Workshops

This event has now finished!

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Monday, 26 June 2017 - Friday, 30 June 2017
Exeter Cathedral

Monday 26th until Friday 30th June (Chapter House)

This interactive exhibition will include displays by people of all ages who are supported by Sense.

It will help visitors discover how the charity enables them to develop their individuality and skills. Information about Sense services for people with sensory impairments will be available, with specialists from around the country attending throughout the week.

Opening times
09.30-16.30 daily. Alternative arrangements apply on the following days:

Monday 26th June: open 12.00-16.30
Thursday 29th June: open 09.30-12.30

More information

Everyone is invited to an ‘open to all’ drumming session and a rehearsal of this year’s drama production, which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons respectively.

There will be information and short practical sessions on BSL and other non-verbal communication methods, as well as an opportunity to try out some Braille.

Visitors will have the chance to temporarily restrict their sight and hearing to explore how sight and hearing impairments together impact on daily life; and will be invited to participate  in some simple activities to discover what deafblindness means in real-life, and the individuality of every person’s experience and support needs. Sense is committed to providing personalised support, tailored to the individual.

This event will take place in Deafblind Awareness Week, introduced to raise awareness of the unique disability and those affected by it. Deafblindness is a combined sight and hearing impairment which causes difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility.  It is a unique disability due to the combined impact of the loss of some, or all, of both senses. Many deafblind people cannot access mainstream services or those designed for people with a single sensory loss.