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Friday, 1 February 2019
Exeter Cavern

The Magic Hatstand is a unique night full of fun and mischief with a fabulous Psychedelic Hatstand at its heart. Its kaleidoscope of radiating colours enticing you to choose a ridiculous hat and cover yourself liberally in biodegradable glitter!

DOORS 9-3 £6

The music is primarily good chunky underground house, but we don’t believe in restricting ourselves musically, if it makes people move and smile then we will play it. But ultimately it is not just about the sound; Magic Hatstand is all about the people who attend it!

We realised a long time ago that you could have the best club and DJ’s in the world but without all the lovely people you’ve got nothing! That’s why our nights have never really focused on big name DJ’s, we seek out quality music for people to dance to, but it’s the vibe that is most important to us. Creating a space where people feel relaxed and comfortable. Where the people are friendly and smiley, where people can dance, where people can chat, where everyone wants a proper party and everybody’s prepared to do whatever it takes to have one!