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Monday, 3 February 2020

Freakscene presents…

BANDAID BRIGADE – US Punkrock – As musical genres burn up like Goodyears on a Camaro, Bandaid Brigade are hitting the gas on a Z28 straight out of 1982. They’re bringing a different punk rock idea—emphasis on rock—to the streets in the form of their debut release, I’m Separate. The music video for their first single, “Travel Light,” hits June 27.

Vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Zach Quinn—best known as the vocalist for PEARS—says of Bandaid Brigade’s coming of age, “Me and [vocalist and pianist] Brian [Wahlstrom] started touring together, doing One Week [Records] stuff with Joey Cape, and we kind of had a mutual love for all kinds of things musical. We started writing stuff together, and I don’t know—it kind of just fell into place. We wanted to be partners.”

Bandaid Brigade offer late ’70s and early ’80s rock influence with a backbeat provided by Paul Rucker of Armchair Martian.