Building a High Growth Business Model with New Products/Services

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Thursday, 4 October 2018
Exeter Library

Why do something new? Markets don’t stand still and neither should your business, which is why turning an idea into a commercial success is crucial.

Launching a new product or service, streamlining a process, or looking for opportunities to grow is challenging. So how do you achieve this?

Innovation isn’t just white coats and laboratories. Innovation is everywhere, from offering a new product to streamlining your services.

Whether you need valuable know-how to propel your company to the next stage, you’re in need of capital to continue developing products, or you feel stuck in your own processes, you CAN find a solution. innovate2succeed can coach you and your business so you can continue your natural growing process – or accelerate it. We have designed a programme to stimulate growth through innovation, reduce risk and improve productivity – you will be ready, efficient and competitive!

David Riddell will talk through the characteristics of high growth businesses and look at how the development of new products or services (innovation!) can play a part. He’ll highlight some of the challenges businesses can face and give you a chance to learn some of the tricks you can use to build your business model.

David is the Project Manager for the innovate2succeed programme, helping businesses overcome barriers to innovation and develop business models that work. David was previously in the energy industry where he worked with SMEs and corporate sponsors to launch innovative technology development projects. Prior to this he worked in product and service development teams in a variety of industries.

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