"Christian Mindfulness"

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Sunday, 10 June 2018
19:00 | Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral
Sunday 10th June 2018 at 19:00

At Holy Ground in June we welcome Shaun Lambert who will speak about Christian Mindfulness.

About Shaun Lambert

Shaun Lambert is a Baptist minister based in Stanmore, North West London. He is part of the New Wine leader’s network, and PREMIER Mind and Soul network, who has trained extensively in counselling and psychotherapy.

Shaun has been researching mindfulness since 2006, in different perspectives, including: the psychological, and Christian and Buddhist perspectives. He believes mindfulness to be a new social phenomenon which needs to be engaged with, especially as it is applied in mental health, work, education and learning, relationships, creativity, as well as the spiritual life. He is author of ‘A Book of Sparks’ – a study in Christian mindfulness and ‘Flat Earth Unroofed’ – a tale of mind lore, a children’s/teenage fantasy fiction woven around mindfulness.

Shaun’s new book, ‘Putting on the Wakeful One: Attuning to the Spirit of Jesus through Watchfulness’ is now available.

About Holy Ground

Holy Ground is an exciting opportunity to explore, question and express Christian spirituality and values in a beautiful and ancient setting. All are welcome at Holy Ground which takes place on the second Sunday of every month and is a mixture of creativity and contemplation. At Holy Ground, we enjoy combining creative approaches to spirituality with stimulating and open-minded discussions about Christianity and its contexts, as well as creating spaces for quiet reflection upon God, ourselves and the world.