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Tuesday, 7 April 2020
Exeter Pheonix

These workshops are aimed at Creative Businesses. Whether you are an artist, maker or musician these are practical, digital marketing workshops, to help you grow your business.

Facebook is the most well known, and still the most popular, social media platform. However, it is still relevant for businesses because of the saturation of content on the channel and the popularity of other social media forms?

This workshop will look at how you can use Facebook for your business, the power of Facebook groups and community and how we can start to create a following. We will be looking at using Facebook from a business perspective; we will touch on promotion and boosting posts as well as live chat.

We will be looking at making the most of your Facebook presence and find ways to make Facebook be relevant and important for your business.

We will be hands on so please bring your chosen electronic device – whether you prefer to use a laptop or a tablet. Please sign up to Facebook beforehand if you haven’t already (although this is not a complete beginners workshop so if you need additional support please get in touch.) If you are already signed up please bring all your log in details.

We will be keeping this workshop small so there will be plenty of opportunity for some one on one advice and support. There will also be plenty of opportunity to network with your fellow creative friends.