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Sunday, 13 May 2018
11:00-18:00 | Exeter Phoenix

Have you always wanted to write a story, novel, screenplay or piece of theatre? You know what you want to write but don’t know where to start? Have you written material and would like to know how to improve your work and chances of publication? Our course will give you the tools and confidence to put your ideas into a framework that supports your writing. This intensive one-day course is designed for both new writers and experienced writers.

You will be introduced to the basic elements and key concepts to be expected from a professional story whether that is in the form of a script, screenplay or theatre script.

This workshop will look at: The Hero’s Journey, Character Arcs and the 7 Basic Plots.

From mythological and religious stories to modern day Disney all stories that have been told to us for thousands of years all have one thing in common, ‘The Hero’s Journey’ from Star Wars to Frozen we can recognise its presence. This workshop will look at the Hero’s Journey and teach you the process that your main character will go through. We will look at different examples in film to show how it is still used today and why it is important for you to know.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach the journey a character must take in a story and why. You will learn about Character Arc and how to determine which arc your story has, we will break them down to understand their foundations, how each character fits into your story structure and how to create conflict and obstacles within your characters arcs. This workshop will go through the seven basic plots and what each involves.


Professional writer and award-winning theatre writer Daniel Hallissey

Daniel is a London based working writer and actor, finding success over the last 15 years in London, the Edinburgh Fringe and two national tours. In 2010 Daniel was one of the founder members of All The Pigs, creating and developing writing workshops. Daniel fulfilled the role as literary manager, reading and recommending plays for production. Daniel is a talented creative writer, sought after by other creative writers through word of mouth due to his expertise and natural affinity with teaching the art of storytelling through writing. In 2016 Daniel became Artistic Director of All The Pigs and re-launched the business to focus on creating memorable and impactful teaching and mentoring for writers and storytellers.
In 2018 Daniel was successfully selected to have his next play We Caught A Burglar showcased at the John Thaw Studio London as part of the John Thaw Initiative. 2018 will see a return to the Edinburgh Fringe with Dracula after it’s sold out run in 2016 and an exciting showcase of his new play The War Inside Us at London’s West End Criterion Theatre.
Any writers who already have written pieces would be encouraged to bring these along to the session.