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Thursday, 30 November 2017
City Centre

The Flying Carpets and The Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy will be in the city centre to entertain visitors.

The Flying Carpets

Ruby Murray and Alfonso Mango are legendary storytellers and men of mystery who have come from across the desert sands to charm the locals.

With lots of festive panto slapstick, whilst playing in the romantic style of Victorian men on their magnificent flying machines, these colourful comic characters demonstrate powers of flight and levitation, enchanting all with their tall tales, terrible jokes and inept seductions.

An exotic, magically mysterious and outrageously funny walkabout.


The Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy

Miranda has rebelled against the usual fate of the Christmas Tree Fairy (being put in a box in the loft for 50 weeks of the year).  She has hijacked a walking tree called Douglas Fir and gone forth to tell the world about the Campaign for Christmas Twice a Year, the need for stout, warm underwear and the reasons why it is so difficult to get fairy shoes nowadays.

She will happily swap make-up tips with teens, discuss the going rate for teeth with the grown-ups (such nice gals, the tooth fairies) and talk about fairy career opportunities with the little ones. Subtle comedy adapted to each new audience.