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Thursday, 1 December 2016
City Centre

Lairy Fairy & her Christmas Pudding and Xmas Express will be in the city centre to entertain visitors.

Lairy Fairy and her Christmas pudding

Granny got more than she bargained for when she made her Christmas puddings this year! One grew larger than life, soaked up a bit too much magic sherry, and is now running amok!

This Christmas Pudding loves dancing to cheesy Christmas tunes and quietly sneaking up on you for a quick cuddle! If it gets into too much trouble, the Lairy Fairy is there to admonish and tranquilise, if necessary.

Xmas Express

The Xmas Express is back in Gandy Street again! Santa’s favourite Elf is out and about, picking up presents for the big day and entertaining along the way, with balloons, puppets and Christmas quizzes. Kids can help pull the sledge and a lucky one might even get a ride on it!