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Thursday, 24 November 2016
City Centre

Betty Twinkle, Xmas Express and Sparky the Sparkling Robot will be in the city centre to entertain visitors.

Betty Twinkle

Betty Twinkle is an old Victorian fairy, full of cockney ‘good cheer all around’, riding on the back of Robin, her red breasted giant magical robin who seems to know who has or has not been good. Robin whistles classic Christmas songs whilst Betty works her magic with fairy dust, snow and chocolate gold coins for those whose behaviour passes Robin’s rigorous tests.

Xmas Express

The Xmas Express is back in Gandy Street again! Santa’s favourite Elf is out and about, picking up presents for the big day and entertaining along the way, with balloons, puppets and Christmas quizzes. Kids can help pull the sledge and a lucky one might even get a ride on it!

Sparky the Sparkling Robot

A genuine robot with no human parts and tons of personality. At two metres tall, he talks, dances, plays music, squirts water and causes a sensation wherever he goes. Sparky is fully illuminated so loks stunning at night.