Fiona Irene Graf

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Monday, 17 February 2020
Exeter Phoenix, Gallery 333
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Fiona’s practice is driven by a deep interest in the character and complexion of the materials she works with. Her ideas are attempts to grasp the essence of those materials, and to get a holistic understanding of their nature.

Instead of using a material in order to fulfil the function of converting a concept into something corporeal, Fiona’s work is primarily led by the material, thus it almost becomes the idea in itself. Therefore, the outcome of her working process is highly unpredictable and often very spontaneous.

Fiona is aiming to create situations that enable the viewer to gain an immediate understanding of the compositions as a whole in the direct relation to the spaces they are in. Her works are an essay to explore the confinements of a space, and are concerned with questions of territoriality and the transgression of limits in general. Most recently, her practice increasingly focuses on interactivity and public sphere.