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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
The Bike Shed Theatre

‘To do or not to do.’

Faced with the death of his father, H’s life is thrown into chaos. As the world around him becomes more and more surreal; he be-gins to question what is real and what is fiction?

Feeling immense pressure from his family and friends H begins to retreat into himself and struggles to get through each day.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the Anthos Young Company use a mixture of original text, devised scenes and physical thea-tre to bring this story into the 21st Century.

The story flickers between the modern ‘H’ and that of ‘Hamlet’ as the two figures contemplate what they should do and their own place in the world around them.

The play explores the issue of mental health in a new and inno-vative way. Our young company have chosen to use the piece to discuss the wellbeing of young people which remains a key con-cern in society today.

The play is open and accessible to all but contains mature themes.

It’s Ok not to be Ok.