Happy Birthday Krapp’s Last Tape

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Thursday, 18 January 2018
The Bike Shed Theatre

This is a new production of Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett. First performed in 1958, this 60th anniversary touring project is created by Philip Robinson (who plays Krapp) in his 60th year. Directed by Polly Whitfield, we are including many of the changes Beckett himself made when he directed it in the 1970s. After the premiere at The Bike Shed this intimate production will be staged, not in theatres, but in living rooms. Placing the audience right next to Krapp and his old reel to reel tape recorder of memories and reveries. In 2018 Krapp In Your Living Room will tour around people’s homes across the UK and Europe.

Krapp is the closest to everyday reality of all Beckett’s plays: his most autobiographical, perhaps his most moving, his most haunting. 60 years on the play is as relevant as ever. Even more so now, as we live in a time of constant and pervasive self-documentation, on our phones, on social media. “Krapp” is an uncanny premonition of this tendency to record everything, to listen to oneself removed – as ‘another’. Can a person change? Do the lies we tell ourselves reveal our true self? Is life lived or remembered?