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Saturday, 27 July 2019
Exeter Phoenix

The Hot 8 are an incredible raw and funky brass band, straight from the streets of New Orleans. Famous for their boundless energy, you can’t help but raise a smile and tap your foot when in the presence of this infectious band.

Hot 8 Brass Band have always believed in contributing to their culture by playing in traditional Second Line parades, expressions of freedom and community through music and interaction. They have earned a great reputation on the streets, with seemingly boundless work ethic and energy: Hot 8 have been known to pack in nine shows in a single day!

Love Will Tear Us Apart is the latest single from New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band to follow the release of their compelling fifth album On The Spot, which dropped last year to high praise from the likes of The Observer and Songlines to Billboard and the Wall Street Journal. Coinciding with some new European tour dates, the Grammy-nominated group have put their iconic cover version skills to work on this Joy Division classic.

Known for channelling the joy and feel good sensations of their music into transcending any differences, this release is no different. Though a personal choice for Hot 8 Brass Band, much of the arrangement came from the reactions of New Orleans crowds. ‘The more we play it and see people reacting, the more we add pieces to it’ they confess. ‘Sometimes we play it on the streets people dance on a particular spot in the song and we realise that’s what we want to emphasise to be able to give something back to the crowd. In America today it’s so important to bring people together’.

‘A triumphant return to the studio, brimming with raucous, sharp-edged attitude’

‘Loose-limbed, hard-hitting… rhythms shimmy like a savvy street dancer and the horns play tight harmonies that glow like strong sunshine’

‘An ode to heroes and contemporaries alike from their storied 20-plus year career’

‘The funkiest exponents of the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition… the audience seemed to be in rapture.’

‘Gives you a natural high that no drug could ever replicate’