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Monday, 22 July 2019
Exeter Phoenix

Lightroom is software for the professional and keen amateur photographer, helping you organise, edit and share your photography. It also allows for a cross platform interaction with other programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom will help you take control of a large collection of photos and edit and manipulate them. This is non-destructive software ideal for working with RAW images. It will enhance your digital photos and help with noise reduction, colour balance, cropping, sharpening and converting to black and white. This course will offer an overview of the library and develop modules for the complete beginner.

The workshop will teach you to:

  • Navigate your way around the software

In the Library Module:

  • Import images and introduce you to the tools and commands
  • to get your projects started.
  • Edit images in the pure sense of the word, deciding which pictures to keep and which to remove altogether using the Select tool.
  • You will learn how to rate pictures using the star rating system.
  • Metadata basics
  • Keywording
  • Exporting files

In the Develop Module:

  • Cropping, colour temperature, exposure, contrast, noise reduction, spot removal.
  • Working on images where you can see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ on the screen simultaneously.

Individual needs will be catered for where possible. All courses are taught on Apple Mac computers and skills learnt are transferable to PC. We highly recommend attending our Introduction to Apple Mac course if you are new to Apple Mac before attending any of our digital courses.

Workshop attendees get 10% off all food and hot drinks at the Café Bar.

Vanessa Miles is a professional photographer based in Exeter.

Her experience is rich and varied in the world of photography. She was a founder member womens’ photography collective in South London in the early eighties and set up ran the Environmental Picture library in London in the early nineties. She has worked as a freelance picture editor, researcher and as a film stills photographer. Since living in Devon, she works as a wedding, press and events photographer, and photography teacher. She is Exeter Phoenix’s principal photography tutor and teaches photography at Exeter College for adult education. She is a freelance lecturer for higher education and has recently completed an MA at Plymouth University.