Lady Chapel and Bishop’s Palace Garden Tour

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019
Exeter Cathedral

Lady Chapel and Bishop’s Palace Garden Tours are back in action for 2019!

A grand canvas filled with small treasures, the Bishop’s Palace garden offers beautiful scenery that feels away from the city life of Exeter. It sits as an idyllic space, befitting its grand history.

This historical tour (duration c.90 minutes) offers a journey through time starting at the earliest days of the building of the Medieval Gothic Cathedral, looking around the Lady Chapel from the inside AND out, hearing a tale of political murder and ending up in the private gardens of the Bishop of Exeter. Its histories range from Roman times to yesterday, and as the tour develops, you’ll not only unlock the secrets of the palace, but find out about the history and makeup of all of Exeter.


Ticket information

£14 per person, booking available from 01392 285983 (Monday to Friday) and online.