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Thursday, 16 May 2019
Exeter Pheonix

Dir. Paolo Sorrentino
151 mins | 2018 | Italy, France
Italian with English subtitles


Fri 10 May: 1.30m & 8.30pm

Sat 11 May: 5pm

Sun 12 May: 6.30pm + Hosted by Italian Cultural Association
(£6 for association members)

Mon 13 May: 7.30pm

Thu 16 May: 7.30pm

After his arthouse hits The Great Beauty and Youth and stepping Oscar-winning Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is back with Loro (‘them’), an ambitious, sexually explicit, no-holds-barred satire of the life and misfortunes of the corrupt, scandal-ridden four-term Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his inner circle.

Similarly to Sorrentino’s acclaimed Il DivoLoro vivisects the tumultuous sleaze of recent Italian politics; this time through the activities – both known and imagined – of its most infamous modern politician. A cynical, sharp-eyed portrayal of power and how to obtain it, the film doesn’t glamorise the corruption and vulgarity we see on screen, but neither does it judge it, positioning it somewhere between farce and tenderness in a way that keeps the film turning over in your mind for days.

The screening on Sun 12 May will be hosted by Italian Cultural Association. It will include a special introduction from Dr Danielle Hipkins.