The Mid life crisis of david cockington

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Sunday, 21 January 2018
The Bike Shed Theatre

David Cockington’s life is spiraling out of control. He just wants to get his work on stage.

This ‘sort of’ one man show is a story of a man who holds up the Hay on Wye Literary Festival in order to get a contract for his play. It is a dark, comic tale of how difficult it is to get ones work read and performed, told by a dying man desperate to make it before he dies. He’d even accept an ITV4 deal.

David’s justification for his actions is that he has not been successful in any other way and knows these hostages can make his dream a reality. He doesn’t mind writing from prison yet he soon realises even this approach will not work as the room tells him six months is too short for backers to finish the projects they’re on or for rehearsals which leads to more dead bodies.

David’s rantings whilst the hostages try to read his work, his comical demands from the police and his plot enhancing murders of hostages are all ways he tries to show his imagination and his talent for dialogue in order to get one of them to sign him up.

Maybe there is more to life, but not for David.