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Saturday, 23 June 2018
20:30 | Exeter Phoenix
Exeter Phoenix

Moondance is a one-man spoken-word show about a two minute scene from Spider-Man

2002, New York. Mary Jane and Peter Parker meet on a busy Manhattan street. Maybe they get together, maybe they don’t… maybe MJ will achieve her dreams, maybe she won’t… maybe the sky will fall down on top of them.

The scene features historic iconic of New York City – The Moondance Diner (the very real diner where Monica from FRIENDS worked, and where Jonathan Larson was a manager for 2 years)

Part TedTalk, part epic poem and part dream, the show breaks apart this scene and examines it inside out, exploring ideas of fate, identity and dreams, as well as my own relationship to the film and my life-long love of Spiderman.