Radio Head

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Sunday, 16 July 2017
Bikeshed Theatre

Explore the unbounded limits of your imagination by getting into your head & sampling the delights of Documental’s new radio play Split Second. Join us around the wireless with a cuppa & some unusual characters and fall in love with radio again.

Martin and Jude are a fun loving couple who are thinking of having a baby. When the pregnancy is confirmed, they embrace the news with the usual mix of excitement, trepidation and social media sharing. We eavesdrop on their conversations as they grapple with the biggest decisions of their lives.

When the twenty week scan shows up a possible abnormality, their world is knocked off its axis. Through the intimate routines they share in their bathroom, we discover how each of them feels about the decision they need to make, ultimately exposing their vulnerabilities and the fault lines within their relationship. Documental create theatre inspired by lived experience.


This event takes place at The Boat Shed on Exeter’s quay