RISO Workshop

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Thursday, 24 November 2022
Magic Carpet Gallery 27 Paris St.

This artist-led RISOgraph printing workshop is ideal for artists, designers, activists and hipsters.
We will be supporting you to create a series of 50 prints, with up to four colours. We will introduce you to the RISO process, it is similar to screen printing and photocopying, all in one machine! We recommend checking (ok, Googling!) out what RISO prints look like and what the process is capable of. We use vegetable inks and post-consumer waste paper. You will want to bring along some materials to make your final print/ artwork. These could be photographs, drawings, pieces of text, existing artworks, etc. Bring them as hard copies/ print outs, not as digital files, please.
We will provide: magazines and other collage materials, a scanner and printer, lightbox, scissors, glue and pens.