Robin Hood - the Panto

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Thursday, 20 December 2018 - Saturday, 5 January 2019
Exeter Barnfield Theatre

The story of Robin Hood who was, of course a hero but who often needed Marian and her girls to give him a hand. He loved wearing tights, so long as they were green – and feathers in his hat, so long as they were green. When he stopped lamenting how hard it is for a chap to keep his wardrobe neat in a hideout in a forest he remembered that he was very fond of Marian.

The story of the Sheriff of Nottingham ‘Clarence’ who, as it turned out, was a much misunderstood man.

Then there were the real villains of the piece, the Sheriff’s sister Snotty Notty or Rosebud or (errgh!) Budsy Wudsy. She bossed everyone around but had a soft spot for Sir Guy – if only he could find it under the corsets. Sir Guy was a really nasty piece of work. The Sherriff’s tax collector – always hanging around Snotty Notty. Only he called her ‘Rosebud’ or ‘Budsy Wudsy’ . . . (Yech and errgh again!)

At last! The true story!