Roman Roadshow, Heath Week

This event has now finished!

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Sunday, 23 July 2017
10am - 4pm

free, drop in
Woodbury Castle, Woodbury Common

The RAMM Roman Roadshow travels to Woodbury Common to take part in Heath Week. This event celebrates the archaeology and natural history of East Devon’s heathland and gives you the chance to see the Seaton Down Hoard up close. There will be family-friendly activities including coin conservation, making a Roman coin, and Roman games.

About the Seaton Down Hoard

The Seaton Down Hoard was discovered in November 2013, and have recently been purchased by RAMM. Around AD348, the coins were buried, probably by a private individual or soldier for safe-keeping. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of 4th-century Roman Britain. Thanks to a number of donations and grants, the Seaton Down Hoard has been purchased for the benefit of the people of Devon and Exeter and for future generations.

Work has begun to stabilise the coins. Each coin will be checked and a selection of coins conserved to reveal precise details of their date, type and place of mint. A new display will be created for the entire hoard in 2017.

The purchase and conservation of the hoard of coins was made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Clinton Estates, a private donation by Patrick Long, and many contributions by members of the public.