Secret Exeter

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Sunday, 4 November 2018
Exeter Library

But beyond its quirky, narrow streets or the modern charms of the newly revitalised Princesshay, Exeter is well known for its rich historical heritage, evident in its ancient but still partly present city walls, famous medieval underground passages and even in the recollections of those city residents who are old enough to remember the devastation of the 1942 Exeter Blitz.
But what about the lesser known aspects of Exeter’s history, those forgotten fragments of the city’s past that have thus far mostly eluded twenty-first century attention? How many people today know of the devastating Victorian theatre fire, the mass executions or of the multiple sieges which the city has endured during centuries of warfare? In Secret Exeter, local freelance writer
Tim Isaac & Chris Hallam venture down the secluded streets and alleyways and attempts to shed light on the neglected corners of Exeter’s past.
Free event in our Rougemont Lounge. Just drop in and have a chat with Tim and Chris about their book.