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Saturday, 22 October 2016
Exeter Phoenix

Be transported to a passion-filled world of heroic adventure and romance within a masterpiece of world literature. Dive into the majestic mythology of Persia’s mountains, gardens and fountains – where supersized heroes and magical horses challenge the selfish demands of kings; where father and son meet as strangers on the battlefield and where love blossoms. The Shahnameh, written by the Iranian poet Ferdowsi over 1,000 years ago, stretches from the beginning of time to the 7th century fall of the Persian Empire. Here, hand-picked stories are brought to life with effervescent energy by dazzling performance storyteller, Xanthe Gresham Knight and the sublime rhythms of virtuoso Kurdish Iranian musician, Arash Moradi, on daf, setar and shurangiz – ‘the excitement maker’. Experience this sweeping legendary history of Iran, from tales of the deeply loved, yet reluctant hero, Rustam, to fantastical creatures like the mighty Simorgh with her miraculous feathers. The Shahnameh: the Epic Book of Kings is brought to you by Adverse Camber, one of the UK’s most celebrated storytelling companies. Enjoy these ancient and treasured stories in an intimate, enchanting performance, heightened by a beautifully authentic musical soundscape.