Sleeping Trees At The Movies

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018
20:00 | Exeter Phoenix

Sci Fi? and Mafia?

Join the award-winning comedy trio for a double bill featuring their acclaimed shows Sci Fi? and Mafia? Expect a blockbuster of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy.


Accompanied by an inter-cosmic live score like no other, the award-winning comedy trio Sleeping Trees invite you to join them for a journey into the deep and infinite unknown.
Sci-Fi? follows the intergalactic journey of the unlikeliest of heroes, happy-go-lucky farmer Charlie Sprog. At a time where the ancient planet of Plutopia rules the galaxy, Charlie is dragged from his quiet home planet and given one very simple mission: SAVE THE UNIVERSE FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION!


Another physically elastic, impeccably scored and endlessly energetic trawl through genre’s murky waters’★★★★


Rejoin the Sleeping Trees as they deliver their version of every gangster film they’ve ever seen, complete with an unrelenting live score. Expect casinos, operas and bloodshed as the Banucci brothers find themselves in a situation stickier than most luxury cakes.