Staging Suffrage: The Queer Performances of Early 20th-Century Feminism

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

In 1909, as the campaign for women’s suffrage in Britain became increasingly militant, dramatist Cicely Hamilton wrote The Pageant of Great Women to help spread the feminist message. The spectacular play was subsequently performed under the direction of bisexual theatre-maker Edith Craig. Actors included Craig’s partner, the Exeter-born lesbian and genderqueer author Christopher St John. Through performed readings, this event will allow visitors to meet some of the ‘great women’ of history originally brought to life by suffrage activists in the early twentieth century.

There will be an opportunity to learn more about the play at a free workshop session from 3 to 4.45pm. Explore the connections between the fight for suffrage and LGBTQ+ history, debate what feminist activism and history mean to us today and engage creatively with these issues.

The event is led by Natalie McGrath (Dreadnought South West) and Dr Jana Funke (University of Exeter).