Sweeney Todd

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Thursday, 16 January 2020
Exeter Phoenix, Auditorium

With it’s grizzly tale and iconic score, Sweeney Todd’s story of revenge has been well attended so far – but it’s time for Shotgun’s production to turn the tables on the story you know.

Sweeney Todd, an escaped convict has returned to London  to right the wrongs done unto him by the corrupted authorities. On his return, however, he finds his wife and daughter gone. He soon meets the young, widowed Mrs Lovett, proprietor of a struggling pie shop who persuades Sweeney to take up his old profession as a barber, with deadly intentions.

Set in the midst of the investigation (and resulting media storm) of the gruesome deaths, this production of Sweeney Todd reframes the ballad as Mrs Lovett’s tale; After a life of poverty and neglect, she will stop at nothing to get the life she believes she deserves, even if that means manipulating a vulnerable man past the point of petty revenge – into murder.