Tattoos: a secret language

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Friday, 1 March 2019

Unravel the secret language of tattoos, from tribal identity to rebel statement or individual expression, in an evening of talks and demonstrations.

In contemporary British culture, tattoos have a personal and often hidden meaning that an observer may struggle to ‘decode’. Yet, in many non-European cultures, such as those represented in RAMM’s ethnography collection, tattoos are highly-visible and easily-interpreted symbols, a language that can denote rank, profession, marital status or even guard against evil and dark forces.

Join RAMM’s curator of ethnography, Tony Eccles, and Dr Matt Lodder, one of the world’s leading tattoo experts, for an exploration of the history and the meaning of this personal art form. Comprehend the nuanced, personal meaning of this secret language in a ‘tattoo catwalk’ and watch a live demonstration of a tattoo artist at work