TEDxExeter SALON: Livestream

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Saturday, 7 October 2017
Exeter Phoenix
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This event is a live broadcast of the TEDxExeterSalon taking place at the Barnfield Theatre.


TEDxExeter is Exeter’s local ideas festival with global reach. Home to ‘Ideas worth spreading’, their speakers’ talks have been viewed almost 15 million times online.

TEDxExeter’s first Salon will explore how technology meets the real world, bringing together speakers from academia, the arts and innovative companies to discuss how technology is transforming our lives in ways that are exhilarating yet often controversial. They will share insights into how machines are teaching themselves to understand their environment, and how tech can reveal the collective consciousness – or hive mind – of large groups of people.

Speakers will include:

RAIA HADSELL, research lead on robot navigation and lifelong learning at Google DeepMind
ALASDAIR ALLAN, scientist, author, hacker, and journalist
SIMON JOHNSON, who uses games, play and agency to help people understand complex subjects
NEIL LAWRENCE, who leads Amazon Research Cambridge, where he is a director of machine learning

For speaker announcements and more information about the event please see www.TEDxExeter.co

More speakers will be announced on www.TEDxExeter.com

TEDxExeter was founded in 2012. It is licensed by TED and organised by a team of local volunteers.. Tickets for TEDxExeter’s 2017 conference in April sold out in minutes, there were over 180 livestream events and people from over 50 countries watched the day live online.

There will be simultaneous livestream events at the Exeter Phoenix’s Studio 74 and Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

TEDxExeter is organised by a team of local volunteers and licensed by TED. More than 180 livestream events were planned for TEDxExeter’s 2017 conference in April and people from over 50 countries watched the day live online.