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Thursday, 12 July 2018 - Saturday, 14 July 2018
19:30 | Exeter Barnfield Theatre
Exeter Barnfield Theatre

14th July will be a signed performance

Ephesus, Greece. Egeon, a merchant of neighbouring and rival city Syrcause, is brought before the Duke, Solinus, in preparation for execution for turning up illegally on Ephesus’ shores, unless a ransom is paid by sunset. But, he has a story to tell. Thirty-three years before the play begins, Egeon became the father of twin boys. He named them both Antipholus and bought another set of twins, both named Dromio, to be their servants. Egeon and his wife were travelling home with their sons and the servants when they were shipwrecked in a violent storm. He managed to save only one Antipholus and one Dromio and he has never seen the rest of his family since. Antipholus and Dromio arrive in Ephesus in search of their long-lost twin brothers, unaware that their father has also arrived there on the same quest. Unknown to all of them, the lost Antipholus and Dromio have been living in Ephesus for many years. In Ephesus, the strangers find themselves greeted like old friends. Antipholus of Syracuse finds that he has acquired a wife, and everyone in Ephesus seems to be behaving very strangely… The Greek villa is truly brought to life in Shakespeare’s fastest, most farcical comedy for the perfect Summer evening’s entertainment. The laughter and sunshine are not to be missed.