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Thursday, 31 May 2018
1:30 | Cygnet Theatre
Cygnet Theatre

Adapted by Steven Berkoff. Performed by The Actor’s Wheel

‘But I’m not guilty, there’s been a mistake’…
… ‘But that is exactly how the guilty speak’

The Actor’s Wheel  return with a visually striking production of Kafka’s infamous literary classic,  painting  a dark, kaleidoscopic, absurdist world, which questions our freedom, explores our  paranoia, examines the human condition and challenges our perceptions of guilt. Berkoff’s  visceral adaptation is brought to life by a dynamic and vibrant ensemble in this highly physical, and mind boggling production.

“Dark and disturbing, it chilled me to the bone… a superb piece of theatre that draws you in and spits you back out.” (A Clockwork Orange tour 2017)

The Actor’s Wheel have produced a truly powerful performance. Flawless and captivating from start to finish. (The Caucasian Chalk Circle tour 2016)

“Watching them perform is like stepping into a dream…Each time you think they must be running out of ideas, the next scene surprises you further”(Faustus tour 2015)