'The Vintage Hour' Victorian Mourning Jewellery & The Fashion Of Death

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018
7pm to 8pm
Willow Hilson, 127 Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3JQ

Following the tradition of Halloween, our first talk will be on the topic of Victorian Mourning Jewellery and the ‘Fashion in Death’. This talk will be held by Rachel Snowdon, a collector and curator of Antique and Victorian mourning pieces.

Before “death photography” was introduced, family members would use jewellery to remember a loved one. Queen Victoria also popularised mourning jewellery, grieving her husband for over forty years. Her grief seeped into social convention, politics and fashion and subsequently her reign was labelled the “Cult of Mourning”. This was not only felt in Britain, in the US the civil war reached its peak and men and women were heavily embedded in an atmosphere of mourning. It was unlikely that any other jewellery was to be worn with mourning jewellery during the first two to three years of “deep mourning”. This was a time bridging an older world of European tradition and a new world of innovation and technology.

Travel back with us as we talk about an era before the latter was embedded in our society. Enjoy our secret recipe of Mocktails and most importantly, an atmosphere of camaraderie.

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