Thy kingdom come

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Sunday, 20 May 2018
18:30 | Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral

This year our theme is ‘The River of Life’ taken from the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the outpouring of God’s Spirit for healing and renewal.

The Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel visualised a stream of water flowing from God’s temple growing from a trickle into a mighty river, with trees on the banks with fruit and leaves symbolising the healing of the nations.  The temple represented or symbolised God’s dwelling place, but this vision points to a future time when all people would be able to encounter God personally. The trees growing on the banks of the widening river, drawing water from it (with leaves and fruit in abundance) show that God’s life and love will bring healing and wholeness to a broken world, between people and nations.

You’re invited to bring leaf and fruit prayers in a basket or in something that symbolises your community and the on-going work and prayer for God’s kingdom across Devon.