Untold Stories the tour

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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Each and every object in a museum collection has many stories to tell. They can be about the makers or artists who created them or the people who owned and used them. Perhaps, the person who collected them, purchased them or donated them to the museum. Some of the stories are easy to uncover; others are uncomfortable to hear about and, for this reason, often remain untold. This tour forms part of RAMM’s year of Untold Stories and will feature remarkable individuals who have overcome barriers created by society’s attitude to race, religion, class, gender or disability. Lasting one-hour, it is a great way to discover six stories that you have not heard before.

Location Information
Name: RAMM
Address: RAMM
Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Queen St

11am to noon – Sat 18 Apr, Tue 19 May and Fri 19 Jun
2pm to 3pm – Wed 29 Apr and Thu 4 Jun
Meet in the Courtyard