Victorian Time Travellers' Ball

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Saturday, 17 February 2018
Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Calling all time travellers!

Roll up for the adventure of a lifetime inside Exeter’s only genuine time machine, RAMM.

Where else can you experience music, magic and mayhem while passing from Devon’s prehistoric past, through its meddlesome Middle Ages to its Vintage Victorian present?

Wait. Victorian present?

For one night only, suspend your belief, leave your reality at home, and embrace the ‘now’ that may have been-
· Embark on a time-travelling green screen adventure.
· Learn to street-dance Steampunk style with Urbanflow.
· Marvel at an authentic Victorian Magic Lantern show.
· Test your wits in a race against time to uncover the secret of the alchemist’s stone, in an immersive and interactive game designed exclusively for RAMM by Red House Mysteries.

How about some music?

Not just any old band of course, but a storytelling musical cabaret described as ‘ostensibly folk, but folk run over with a steam-powered bus driven by Homer’ (The Ocelot).
The Mechanisms, an immortal band of space-pirates, will be performing their fourth album, the BiFrost Incident; ‘a cocktail of music, myth and mayhem set aboard a locomotive shot at faster-than-light speeds through a man-made wormhole’.

All this excitement is making me thirsty!

With two themed bars, including the infamous Velvet Buccaneer, snacks, steampunk décor and entertainment galore, we’ve got all eventualities covered.

So, snap on those goggles, lace up those corsets, wind up those watches, and grab your tickets now . . . before you run out of time!

Early Bird Ticket price available until Sat 3 Feb.
Normal Ticket price £24

Steampunk, Victorian, or Vintage Fancy Dress Optional
For 18+